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His theory, based on this and several other later writings, was that the clergyman, close to finding the megalous, was contacted by beings from another world and interpreted this vision as a religious experience. If aBot’s theory was right, the instructions given to him by Jesus might be a clue. Hermes was known to the Romans as Mercury, and this vision could have meant the planet Mercury. Perhaps the naming of the planet on Earth was influenced by this same source as well?

It seemed like a long-shot, but the message sounded to me like “fly to Mercury to get powered up by the Sun!” I used the navigation system on board to locate the planet Mercury. Once locked on, the Pixeltank began to fly on its own, using most of its remaining energy to boost itself towards the planet.

I flew in space for three days. Each day grew hotter and hotter. The Pixeltank struggled to maintain a survivable environment as I got closer to the Sun. The approach to Mercury was beautiful. It was too bright to see until the Pixeltank turned around to face opposite the Sun. The surface of Mercury was bright with the exception of a symbol carved into the dirt, shaped similarly to the Pixeltank. We landed right on it. This is the song that the Pixeltank played all on its own while the Sun burned the film from the Cosmic Negation right off. I sat in awe.


from Cosmic Negation, released September 10, 2011
Vocal sample from "Jackson 5 - Blame it on the Boogie"



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Pixeltank Richmond

The legend of the Pixeltank has its roots in the ancient world. Subtle references to it, scattered all throughout primitive and classical writings, have baffled historians and researchers for centuries. Herodotus speaks of it as a weapon fashioned by Hephaestus in his forge as a gift for Apollo, the god of music. ... more

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