Aquatic Ambience (DK Chillstep Remix) Demo

from by Pixeltank



Although it was successful at destroying the Cosmic Negation, my plan had disastrous consequences for me. The signal I was broadcasting was too much, and it caused the mothership to become unstable. As I once again use up nearly all of my power, I began to free fall with the mothership. I was trapped inside and I could not recharge my cells in time. We plummeted towards the ocean, and crashed at full force. I was knocked unconscious on impact, doomed to sink slowly to the bottom of the sea.


from Cosmic Negation, released September 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Pixeltank Richmond

The legend of the Pixeltank has its roots in the ancient world. Subtle references to it, scattered all throughout primitive and classical writings, have baffled historians and researchers for centuries. Herodotus speaks of it as a weapon fashioned by Hephaestus in his forge as a gift for Apollo, the god of music. ... more

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